05 January

How Hangers plays major role in our daily routine

by Admin in Hangers

Choosing the right hanger can give your closet a neater appearance.  There is a huge array of cloth hangers which are made of different types of materials such as wood, wire and plastic. The c..
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18 September

Hangers & Repurposes

by Admin in Hangers

We can see the hangers seem to multiply like bees after shopping. Did we anyone think of repurposing them a nifty way? Many thrift stores and repurpose shops do not accept hangers and the hangers a..
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22 August

Garment Accessories and Hangers

by Admin in Hangers

In the Garment Industry, the garments are not only manufactured from the clothing, but also include various accessories to finish a product. Besides fabric, the accessories have to be chosen to com..
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19 July

Different Types of Accessories Used in Garments

by Admin in Hangers

Besides fabrics, various materials are used in the Garment industry. Accessories are one among them to manufacture garments. Accessories are often mistaken as trimmings which is not at all the fact..
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09 June

Choosing the Right Hangers for Women’s Clothing

by Admin in Hangers

Women’s dresses are always delicate, soft and slippery. There are a variety of hangers that suits of each dress pattern of a woman. Women usually wear sarees, blouses, skirts, pants, lingerie..
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