09 June

Choosing the Right Hangers for Women’s Clothing

by Admin in Hangers

Women’s dresses are always delicate, soft and slippery. There are a variety of hangers that suits of each dress pattern of a woman. Women usually wear sarees, blouses, skirts, pants, lingerie, party wear, and casuals. Every dress has a specific shape and texture, accordingly, the hangers shall be chosen to maintain wrinkle, shrink free. Let us have a look out here about the perfect hanger types for women’s attires.


Z-hangers revolutionary unique design allows the hanger to easily slip into the garment without ripping or stretching the collar. This hanger won the Invention of the Year Award at the "International Housewares Show."  It has been reported that almost 25% of dresses lose their structure and fit due to the misuse of hangers. Z-hangers are found to shield the dresses from wrinkles, damages and extend the life of the clothes.

Satin Hangers:

It is the best choice for women’s delicate dresses. Satin hangers are aesthetic in look and pretty gentle to handle. It is a luxurious alternative to your standard lingerie hangers. Padded satin hangers are very soft to use. It comes along with clips. An extra special care to your closet is definitely provided by satin hangers. 

Plastic hangers:

Small to medium weight dresses can be used with plastic hangers. Bra, panties, blouses, silk sarees, skirts do fit perfectly here. It is quite inexpensive and available everywhere. According to your need, the sizes of hangers might be chosen. It comes in market with multiple colors, multiple designs, various sizes. Easy to handle, maintain and affordable by all. Especially children like such colorful hangers and they themselves arrange their wardrobe with the help of these cute weightless hangers. Plastic Hanger Manufacturers are prevalent around us. Though plastic hangers are economical still there is a great demand for them in the market. Choose the right wholesaler or retailer to buy your durable plastic hangers.

Slimline hangers:

The super slim, strong and durable hangers changed a person's idea about hangers. The design allows hanging clothes as closely together. The velvet coating protects clothing from damage while holding the dresses firmly. Clothes will not slip around even when the closet is poked. Slimline hangers keep your clothes wrinkle, damage free. You can use slim line finger clips to clip pants, skirts, tops, and jackets. Using velvet cascading hooks you can maximize the storage. Add more space to your wardrobe by using cascading hooks in the vertical space, super skinny slim line hangers in the horizontal space. It supports much to carry shirts and pants. Slimline Tie hanger and slim line velvet coat hanger are utilized for arranging ties, and heavyweight blazers, coats.

Bead Hangers:

Bead Hangers are decorative and exciting hangers on the market. These beaded hangers stand great for jackets, shirts and all kinds of dresses. Such decorative beaded pant & skirt hangers contain gentle, snag-free, plastic clips for hanging pants, skirts, and shirts. We swear your wardrobe is going to be glamorous with the bead hanger artwork. It can also be given as a gift to your loved one. 

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