27 April

Clothes Hangers: What are the things you need to know?

by Admin in Hangers

It is always important to use the apt hanger for your closets. A garment hangs on the hanger will retain its shape and structure long lastingly. Top hangers with notches hold straps and rubber to prevent slips. Bottom hangers available with rubberized adjustable clips that make us use different sized garment and delicate fabrics.  

Select the hanger size & type:

Checking hanger size is a key work to keep the clothes neat. After determining the hanger size, you need to sketch about the unique features of the hanger. Some hangers may have hooks at the bottom and top. You can buy it according to your requirement. To avoid slippage of clothes, buy the hanger along with rubber on the shoulders. Velvet bar enhancements avoid falling off pants from the hanger. Adjustable clip enhancements help you to use the same hanger’s bottom for different clothes.

It is to admit that the aesthetic aspect is one of the factors in choosing to replace the cloth hangers, but still, there are other benefits too:

  • It saves space
  • Keep clothes from wrinkle, crushes, misshapes
  • Easier to pick out after arranging orderly
  • No work of piling up the clothes in a corner of the cupboard

There are three types of main hangers people go for. Wooden, Plastic and Metal hangers are the prime choice of the folk. According to their requirement and economical condition, one can choose as it needs.

Plastic Hangers:

Most of the houses and commercial outlets commonly use plastic hangers. They are long lasting, available in different colors and designs, easy to carry, resistant to wear and tear, quite affordable. Thought the merchants keep all types of the hanger, they insist on plastic hangers to their customers. Plastic hangers are hugely used in garment shops and malls. While comparing the price it is more economical than other hangers. Plastic hangers are versatile, appropriate to hang light weighted clothes such as kids wear, ladies light weighted sarees, blouses, skirts, shirts, innerwear etc.,

Metal Hangers:

Metal hangers can be the choice for its durability. From the heavy coats to long trousers hanging, metal hangers are preferable to bear the weight. Such hangers give a unique look in wardrobe. No worries about breaking of these hangers. There is a black mark about the metal hangers that it has been recycled. Since the material contains a low percentage of steel the customers do not prefer metal hangers nowadays. There is a chance of getting rusted in the metal hangers easily, that’s why the preference towards metal hanger is reduced. Wire hangers do come under this category. Though it is thin in size and can be used to light weighted apparels, still the quality of the steel is a concern.

Wooden hangers:

Wooden hangers were in use prior to plastic and metal hangers. Many years ago it was used in many houses, malls etc., But due to the cost and scarcity of less fashion, these hangers were put in a side. It is highly rare to see wooden hangers. Since it cannot be afforded by everyone, this only decorates the rich people wardrobe. Though it is bit weighted, the hangers are long lasting, aesthetic looking, bearing a heavy load.

However, while purchasing, we usually plan to buy economical, quality, aesthetic, long lasting and easily maintainable hangers. So our ultimate option is “Plastic hanger”. There are many plastic hanger manufacturers who sell the products directly at an affordable rate. Why won’t you try them to beautify your wardrobe with such alluring hangers?


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