08 May

Different Styles of Hangers and their Uses

by Admin in Hangers

Arranging closet is an art. While opening a wardrobe a dazzling look should be there instead of Sioux Falls of clothes. Many of us plan as for how best to store clothes in the closet. Though there is the availability of belt and tie racks, still daily wear needs a little place to store. Varieties of hangers are available in the market that would keep your wardrobe safe, secure and prevent the dresses from puckering. We discuss here different hangers styles and how it is used for different attires.


Travel hangers:

This is not yet hit the market and usually, you use traditional hangers for the trip. Opt for amazing hangers to ease and space your travel with travel hangers, which folds up the dresses with easy storage.

Hang tight hangers:

Wooden and plastic hangers are not exactly flexible and that make tough to store sweaters, shirts and rigid necklines. For such tops, use the Hang tight hanger that is designed with the easier application without spoiling the clothes. This hanger keeps your neckline as such and no more tugging is needed here.

Higher Hangers:

When there is a small closet with plenty of clothes, it is really hard to get everything to fit in the place neatly. The higher hanger creates more space at the bottom of the closet by raising the hanger close to the closet rod. Raising the clothes up to 4 inches might create enough extra space in an eight feet long wardrobe. If you want to have more space to keep extra clothes, then pick higher hangers.

Playing Hangers:

Kids usually rush in taking the clothes; they will literally pull the clothes from the wardrobe. Special hangers say play hangers help to keep the children clothing in a top shape.  Such adorable animal-themed hangers do have an easy release mechanism which keeps the clothes from being pulled. Since the hangers are cute and bright looking kids like to hang their dresses in wardrobe instead of tossing on the floor.

Hang-over hangers:

Traditional hangers do not hold scarves, purses, necklaces and other accessories. Hangover hangers help to maintain them. This modular hanger comes in two shapes. One that resembles C shape and another resembles G shape. You can maintain your accessories on C and G-shaped hangers instead of sprawling here and there.

Tubular hangers:

These are all purpose hangers available in plenty of colors. This is designed with notched shoulders and so appropriately used for light weight clothes with thin or wide straps.

Specialty hangers:

It is available in wide range of colors, size, material, quality and has multiple uses. You can decorate your kid’s wardrobe with these hangers that give attractive colors and awesome look while opening the closet.

Cedar Hangers:

If you want to protect your expensive coat or other dresses from mildew and molds, then cedar hanger is the best choice. This wooden hanger not only holds the dresses safely but also absorbs moisture from the cloth and prevents it from molds. Moreover, aroma of cedar deodorizes the clothes.

Though different hangers are available in stores and online, the quality and reputation of the company are to be noted pointedly. Umpteen plastic hanger manufacturers are available and they also manufacture different kinds of hangers. Purchasing after viewing their reputation will always be good and trustworthy.

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