19 July

Different Types of Accessories Used in Garments

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Besides fabrics, various materials are used in the Garment industry. Accessories are one among them to manufacture garments. Accessories are often mistaken as trimmings which is not at all the fact. Trimming is related to sewing on the garments. Then what does accessory mean? These accessories are used for finishing and packing purposes in the garment industry. It is used for decorative, functional and marketing use. Accessories have been categorized as Invisible and visible. In Invisible accessories the item cannot be seen outside of the garments, say, for example, interlining. The accessories which can be viewed from the garments outlook is visible accessory, e.g. button, zip, thread etc., There are three main types of accessories such as Garment Accessories, Decorative accessories, and Finishing accessories. Let us have a synopsis about the varieties here. There are many Garment Accessories Manufacturers sprawled all over the country. But the long-lasting accessories may be available from a few of the reputed companies. So, choose the right place to make your accessories astonishing.

Hangers are the best accessory to maintain the closet’s perfection at all the time. When you shop, you might have seen a range of economical to costly hangers. Plastic hangers are more cost-effective than other hangers, easily manageable and available anywhere. Other hangers say wooden hangers, steel hangers, bamboo hangers are quite costly, but still, it adorns the wardrobe. 

Garment Accessories: (Basic)


This is a layer of smooth fabric sewn in between the standard lining and face fabric. Interlining supports the garment with padding, adds comfy softness and weight, improves the fabric quality and shields delicate fabrics. It is mostly seen in silk drapes.


A zipper is a popular gadget for unifying two edges of the fabric. It is prevalently used in jackets, jeans, luggage and other bags, sporting goods, camping gear and other daily use items.


It is a thin paper on which the all pattern pieces for a particular garment are drawn that helps to use the fabrics for maximum and keeps the fabric wastage minimum

Decorative Accessories:


Sometimes a special trim contains a brand or country name is used as a special component for a decorative purpose called Motif. It is prepared most commonly by embroidery. Other names say Company name, symbols, a trademark can be written on the Motif. This is optional.

Shoulder pad:

This is a regular item in the custom-made garments of men and women. On the top and bottom of the shoulder pad linings will be used. The linings improve the beauty of attire, keeps it long-lasting. Shoulder pads are used for both decorative and functional values.


Fringes are borders or edge of hanging threads, strips and cords. It is often seen in the leather, buckskin, suede garments and not woven into the fabric. It was a fashion in America in the 1920s and had been called as cowboy’s fashion.

Packing Accessories:

Carton box:

In Carton boxes, the manufactured garments are delivered to the buyers. The poly bags which carry garments are kept in cartons and loading the goods is called as “Packaging”. Buyers particularly choose cartons with specific instructions. Hence this item is an important element for shipping goods


A Barcode is an optical machine-readable image of the data related to the object to which it has been attached. It contains small line images and spaces which are affixed to identify a specific product number, location or a person. There are five parts in a barcode symbol such as a start character, data characters, two quiet zones, a stop character.

Back Pocket Flasher:

As a garment tradition, a cardboard flap or a paper is enclosed in the back pocket of the jeans to show out differences in shapes, fabrics, size. It has been handled as a marketing publicity and featured with illustrations. Such type of flasher is liked mostly by western countries. Garment Accessories Manufacturers sell the products through wholesale and retail.

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