20 April

Hanger Types for Different Clothes

by Admin in Hangers

Hanger is a small and handy item which helps to hang out the attires without any shrinks. Most of the people roll up their clothes in the wardrobe and the quality and clothe look will be entirely washed off. Here hanger plays an important role. It keeps you dress as such and occupies very little space. You can even hang out the dresses in small ropes. There are various hanger types designed according to the clothes and accessories. You may see various materials of hangers available in the shops. However, the plastic hanger is our prime choice. We shall have a look at the different types of hanger according to the type of clothes

Pant Hangers

Trouser bars should be available in the pant hanger to avoid falling. The thicker bar keeps your slacks in a good shape and keeps your trousers in pristine condition. These grip fabrics better than the locking bar hangers, so it would be good to use both at home and travel. Such hangers are expensive due to the high-quality material and anti-crease pant bar. It comes in various finishes and you may choose that matches to your closet.

Sweater Hangers

Sweater hangers would be specifically designed to shield the cloth from should puckering and dimpling that commonly appear on soft knit fabrics when they are not kept properly. In sweater hangers, the shoulder part would be a little narrower compared to shirt hangers. Here the shoulder flocking helps the fabric to stay on the hanger.

Belt Hangers

You can use a build up hook rack with individual hooks for each belt. However when you slide the buckle over the plastic hanger hook works well. Hangers prolong your clothes life. Though it is bit expensive, still gives a luxurious and neat look while hanging the clothes in quality hangers. If you select multipurpose hangers with sturdy materials, then no need to agonize about losing the shape of the clothes

Hangers for Knits and delicates

Padded hangers are the best for knit shirt, other delicate fabrics such as linen, silk. These hangers are fabric stuffed into the shoulder area to create a wide, padded shoulder area. Such a design distribute the weight of the garment across the surface area, reduces stretching. 

Neckties hanger:

Neckties should contain a separate tie rack. Most of the tie racks are manufactured with wood, plastic or sturdy wires. Tie hanger provides an efficient storage and illustrate for all neckties. If you do not have a tie rack, the pants bar with a non-lint towel can work out. Be careful that the surface should not allow the tie to fall off and has no coarse edges that could snag it. Do not forget to untie before storing on the hanger

Shirt Hangers

Most of the shirt hanger would be with rubber tipped ends to keep the tank tops, silky fabrics from sliding off. The sturdy and swivel hooks with loops allow you to vertically link hangers to save the space. 

Skirt Hangers

To avoid forming pits in the fabric skirt hangers should have rubber-coated clips. It usually contains clips, add-on hooks to drape your skirts vertically to protect the space from occupying more. There are so many Plastic Hanger Manufacturers are there. However, it is better to find a reputed company to get quality hangers.

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