18 September

Hangers & Repurposes

by Admin in Hangers

We can see the hangers seem to multiply like bees after shopping. Did we anyone think of repurposing them a nifty way? Many thrift stores and repurpose shops do not accept hangers and the hangers are not even accepted in recycling bins. Approximately 8-10 billion plastic and wire hangers are manufactured and sold every year. But only 15% of them are recycled. Whether you have metal, wood or plastic hangers those can be repurposed into useful ways. There is a demand for plastic hanger supplier and garment accessories manufacturer at the festival times. So, in such peak time, your idle hangers can be used in many ways. We shall see some of the clever ideas here.

Decorate with chandeliers:

A little paint spray makes the hangers alluring which is ideal for any room or in the entry door of the house. Hanging chandeliers can be made from wire hangers with complete curved hooks to hang tiny candles, flower vase. You can even repurpose the old hangers into a reading rack.

Make it for magazines

You can hang the hanger on a hook, door handle or nail to drape magazines and other reading stuff over the bar. If you have a habit of reading at the bathroom, then the same can be hung in your toilet area.

Decorate your bath

While speaking about hangers and bathroom, you can make a towel rack by simply turning the hanger upside down. Sturdy wooden hangers’ works best for such use. The hangers can be used to hold the sunglasses folded over the bar, towel rolls and scarves can be folded on the bar area.

Dish rack to kitchen

Wooden hangers can be repurposed as an elegant dish rack, jewelry hanger can be stored in the tight spaces. To store eyeglasses any type of hard old hangers can be used. This method of storage is simple and practical.

Hanger Christmas Tree

An interesting and attractive chair can be made from wooden hanger. The look will definitely be eye-catching and it adds the spectacular value to any place. Using several wooden hangers you can make a beautiful coat hanger tree. This interesting looking piece occupies more space and you may try it out for the Christmas day.

It is the time to refurbish your house with all the stored hangers. Make your home a heaven with all your arts and crafts. Repurpose your hangers at the maximum.

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