06 June

How To Choose Best Hangers for your Clothes ?

by Admin in Hangers

We may find a lot of closet organizers availability in the modern trend. Storage boxes, hanging racks, clothes hangers are a few types. These are all utilized only for the purpose of having organized your wardrobe. Perfect arrangement of clothes keep your closet classy and neat, it also saves the clothes from wrinkles, shrinks, creases and damages. Hangers are popular and highly demand in the current scenario. Hangers are of different types, according to the clothing structure and stuff they have been used. Mostly hangers are used in all places say retail stores, laundry shops, hotels and last but not least homes. Hangers always escalate potential attraction of the buyers in retail stores. Padded, plastic, wooden, and metal are the most popular hangers available in the market.

Types of hangers for your right clothes 

Wooden hangers are the best choice for heavy suits, winter coats, and jackets. It can also be used for satin and silk fabrics. Wooden hangers complement the elegance and durability that is why they are being used in star hotels and costly boutiques. They never fail to provide a classy look to your clothes and storing place.

Do you want to maximize your closet space? Then the first choice is Slimline metal hangers. They are purposely designed for covering more space in a wardrobe. Since they are made in metal, durability will be more than the expected and they can hold heavy clothes. Try to avoid fragile and non-coated metal hangers which are easily breakable and prone to rusting. 

Plastic hangers are well known to everyone. They are inexpensive, readily available and easy to handle, maintain. They come in different colors, styles, and sizes so that you can choose according to your taste. If you maintain them with proper care, the durability will be long lasting. Environmental friendly people opt for bamboo hangers which are available in different designs that could match out the style in your closet.

Fabric padded hanger is the right option for lightweight attires and lingerie. Padded hangers will be found with sewn buttons on near the edges to prevent straps from slipping. It is strictly not suitable for heavy garments because it might cause shoulder bumps.

Needs of hangers:

Hangers are designed for the purpose of fulfilling the space and the needs of the closet. Flat hangers save space and keep the closet cramp-free. Wooden hangers provide an aesthetic look to display your expensive attires. Metal hangers are stronger than wire hangers, hold heavy weight and yields more space. You should always consider the parameter of the space before purchasing any kind of hanger.


Before buying hangers, do consider a hanger’s shape. Flat and contoured hangers are two basic choices. Flat hangers save the space at the best because they fit tightly together. Contoured hangers are generally used to hold suits, dresses, and coats. Curve hanger mimics the shoulder curvature, helps the more delicate items to keep in their original shape.

In today's market every day a Plastic accessories manufacturer points his head. It is important to assess the existence, quality, and sales of them before going for any bulk purchase. This scrutinizing attitude will save your hard earned money and yield you the best item.

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